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Jun 9, 2014
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To be honest I watched this movie at random and had no clue what it was about or anything. Tip know what you are watching before you watch it. I like the move I feel that it shows a different type of attraction to someone. it is kind of weird at first but I watched the more I feel for the lead actress. this is the kind of move you should try and watch just for fun. Its not for everyone but I feel like it is still a good move
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Jun 14, 2014
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I watched this movie on youtube. I had no idea what I was about to watch. The title was interesting to I decided to watch it. Overall it is a good movie. It was well played and directed. It is very different from other stories. It kind of shows a different side of love or obsession should I say! It was an interesting watch, slightly disturbing in some ways. This review is a little all over the place but that's the effect this movie had on me!
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Mar 1, 2022
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"Oh, Are You Here For Mizue? Can We Take Up Where We Left Off?"

The main casts in this movie, Yuriko (Eguchi Noriko) and young Doi Tetsuya (Sometani Shota) start a relationship when Yuriko only wants to smell his hair after he has sweated.

First, it just is not my bag of tea...

"Smell" does have a effect on relationships. For example:

In relationships, 'trust your sense of smell, it's often right'

The smelly truth about romantic relationships and health


Love Stinks: The Association between Body Odors and
Romantic Relationship Commitment

Napolean Bonaparte exchanged copius letters during his military campaigns with his wives: Empress Joséphine (m. 1796–1810), and Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma (m. 1810–1821),

If you want some interesting reading try the letters between the wives and him!
I agree with Tom Mes of Midnight Eye, who called the film "sexy as sin'; but it is so WEIRD otherwise that I had a problem
watching the whole movie.

Second, I have nothing against nudity, Yuriko and Ayama (Saori Hara), Yuriko's trainee, both showed their breasts. Being a guy, it was erotic, but not in 'bad taste'. Most other guys would agree with me.

Third, the movie itself is not that bad and if you want to try something different, be my guest!

I just cannot wrap my head around someone sniffing my head all day like that!

The music and cinematogrphy was great on this film, and the main and support cast were effective in making the story seem real and such...and I thought the interaction between Ayame (Hara Saori) and young Doi Tetsuya was so cute and natural; best part of the movie!

Again, I am not knocking the cast members, main and support, but the movie 'subject' would not let me get into it the way I would another, better movie!

A kudo to Miho (Kijima Noriko) in a movie where she kept her clothes on for once

RE-WATCH VALUE: Not from me, but if you like weird movies - GO FOR IT!

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