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Dez 17, 2019
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The Chasing World is a survival horror film with a curious and interesting premise. Everyone with the surname Sato is mysteriously dying across Japan. As it continues and spreads with more frequency, high school student Sato Tsubasa fights to keep his sister - Sato Ai - alive.

This was a film that I originally wasn't sure how I felt about it. Originally, I only wanted to watch this for the films really cool poster. I'm easily pleased that way. All I really knew about this what that it is considered one of the iconic Japanese horror series that have shaped the genre - and I'm all for movies and series like that.

I felt pretty excited for this and ended up... really bored. I was let down by a Shibata Issei film already today, and this one makes the second in a row. This isn't necessarily bad, however. Whilst I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to, it's still getting a pretty solid 6/10 from me.

Whilst this is pretty fun, has a good sountrack and is a solid movie - it's a lot like any other parallel universe films out there. I watch this and I think of other parallel universe films I haven't even seen and ones I have. I'm also reminded of Battle Royale come the ending, and I feel like there isn't enough uniqueness in this film to fully hold on its own - how this film has a 7 part series, honestly I'm not sure - but it doesn't make me excited to watch the whole series.

A pretty average film that took me by surprise how average it was.. that's all I really have to say about The Chasing World. There's nothing particularly special to take into account, nothing that really shocked me, etc. It's a good film, but I feel the Sion Sono make of this film is probably going to be a much better take.

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