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  • País: Thailand
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  • Data de Lançamento: Out 31, 2019
  • Duração: 2 hr. 3 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.6 (scored by 3,512 usuários)
  • Classificado: #5535
  • Popularidade: #1886
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Tony Harper
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Abr 3, 2020
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História 9.5
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Musical 7.0
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I understand why people are upset by this movie!

But I don’t agree!

Here’s the thing. They didn’t have any sexual feeling for each other in the second half of the movie. They died together so they could be reincarnated “together” so there would be no age gap and hopeful no gender gap either! Phop is gay that is why he and his wife didn’t have any kids there was no sexual love there only the love of friends. He never saw liu sexually he just saw dew in her body! You could tell by the way he looked at her there was never desire is his eyes only guilt, longing, and happiness! I think it was a beautiful ending! There was never going to happiness for them in this life so they chose the next! Your look at the movie wrong. Liu already knew and proved that rebirth and reincarnation were real and Phop proved that they could find each other even in different bodies, so they had nothing left to lose! Remember they are Thai which most are Buddhist not Christian. Suicide doesn’t have the same consequences in Buddhism. Focus on the LOVE in this movie not societies views on what is right and what is wrong. That’s exactly what broke them apart in the first half of the movie!

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44 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Mar 17, 2020
Completados 3
No geral 10
História 10
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"The right love at the wrong time"


"Before the sky turn bright
Before feeling the warmth of sunlight
Before the flowers bloom
Before having a sweet dream
I've never had anyone in my heart
Till your love came
A nd made me see the brightness
I've never had anyone beside me
`Til your crazy mercy came
And motivated me
To live...
In this mad world."

The story starts August of 1996 when Dew and Phop met for the first time. From then on, the innocent acquaintance will turn into something unexpecting beautiful. But what they have is something unconventional during those times. Having different family backgrounds didn't help either.

From the walkman, to the pagers, what's the trend when it comes to fashion. For those who grew up, or spent their teenage years in the 90's will definitely feel the nostalgia.

Instead of focusing on the stigma in the 90's, let's be glad, celebrate that people learned from it and are more accepting nowadays. Even the stigma is what caused the rift between the two main, I prefer to focus on the love they both shared.

"Dew the movie", a viewer should tell early on that the story is about Dew. His struggles to fit in and find comfort. But that time, it wasn't kind to Dew.

The alternate title, "Dew Let's Go Together", is from the point of view of Phop. His sacrifices is the focus of his story that will continue on the second half of the movie. Remember the sentence "Let's go Together" because it where it all started and where it will end.

The parallelism of the young Phop and the adult one is very obvious, that is when you will start to feel a pinch in your heart, again.

When you can get pass the age gap, that is when you feel and experience tha magic. For love breaks the boundaries of time and gender.

Furthermore, there is belief that water is life and for others, you are reborn in water.

Lastly, don't takes things literally or you'd miss out the magic in this movie. Magic does not equate to logic. Ultimately, it will be your choice if you want to question the appropriateness of things that happend in the film or get lost in the magic this movie has to offer. I prefer the latter.

OHM as DEW - Make It Right 1&2, He's Coming To Me, Blacklist are the things I've watched where Ohm appeared. You can see a big "maturity" in his acting from Make It Right 1 to Make It Righ 2 to He's Coming to Me. 2019 was Ohm's year as he appeared in two Thai series, both he played a contrasting character and yet he delivered the portrayal quite well. In this movie, I feel like is an extension of his acting from He's Coming To Me. For he showed a myriad of emotions. He will make you feel what his character is feeling as if you are in his place in what you are watching.

NONT as young PHOP - To be honest, I thought Ohm will own him, acting-wise. His acting is not at par with Ohm, HOWEVER, props to him given that this is his first acting in a main role. Don't mistaken Nont's lack of connection to his character. It show that the character himself is detached, uncertain, having an inner conflict. It just there are few scenes that aren't that convincing as Ohm's. Can't wait though for Bad Genius and see how he will do there!

PAHN and LEW - it is not really her acting but how she transition from her old self to the enlightened one. I can't blame her for that but it lacks development for her transition. Her actions and demeanor is as rough as Ohm's and subtle and vulnerable too.

WEIR as adult PHOP - given his repertoire of acting, it is given that he delivered. No brainer in his acting.

For what Dew told in front of the class that "won" the contest, refer in the initial part of this review.
- It is not technically a song that you listen, but more of a translated lyrics of a song to English.

The opening song, what Dew's listening to: ดีเกินไป by Smile Buffalo, sets up the fast paced progression of what Dew and Phop is about to go through.

Songs match perfectly the scenes were it played. And the few sound effects highlighted some emotions.

When a myster is solve, it is really hard to rewatch it with the same excitement and anticipation. Some things are better watched once, to keep it special. And this is no exception.

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  • Movie: Dew - O Filme
  • País: Tailândia
  • Data de Lançamento: Out 31, 2019
  • Duração: 2 hr. 3 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - 13 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 7.6 (avaliado por 3,512 usuários)
  • Classificado: #5535
  • Popularidade: #1886
  • Fãs: 8,345

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