both female leads are "uncaring" of the social norms and they say and do things that seem "weird" to other people.
Recomendado por XingBack
- both have the main idea of starting a new company.
- both have first love plot
- both love triangle
Recomendado por misu
- Business

- FL falls for ML and FL works for/with ML
- FL's attitude: strong, capable of offending others
- FL is about a decade younger than ML
- ML liked someone before FL
Recomendado por WHATTODO
in both drama male lead is older than female lead and in these drmaas both male lead need help of female lead for there food business and both females are food blogger
Recomendado por fangirl_1312
Kiki Inoue works part-time at a convenience store, spending the better part of her day lazing about or reviewing sweets on her social media account. One day at work, she is introduced to the chain’s CEO, Takumi Asaba, who, as it turns out, is familiar with Inoue’s online reviews. Asaba asks Inoue to develop new desserts to sell chain-wide. As CEO, Asaba is tasked with turning around the chain’s fortunes, as it is now ranked the lowest among its competitors. Close collaboration leads Inoue and Asaba to become sweet on each other.
Recomendado por 73n5h1k015h173
Both dramas involve protagonists challenged by powerful conglomerates. So far, both have pretty dark villains and even some cast overlap. The found families in each drama especially seem similar. Vincenzo is more of an anti-hero drama while Itaewon Class involves a less morally grey protagonist. Both have minor LGBTQ+ storylines. I love the confident badass female characters and the cool and driven male leads in both dramas.
Recomendado por melomanie
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por Sunshine17130522
both have the prospect of starting a new business and growing step by step while other big businesses try to bring them down, they have similar exciting business strategies shown
Recomendado por joy
- both main characters suffer injustices and hardships that they work hard to overcome
- both main characters end up in jail
- both dramas deal with new and refreshing topics, following a male lead that meets unique friends with their own developed stories
Overall, both dramas give off the same feeling as you watch the characters desperately and tirelessly fight for what they want against those that wish to spite them.
Recomendado por Shirishi
Both dramas share a backstory and consequent revenge plotline where the lead characters have around a 10 year age gap and unite to fight against a stronger entity, and fall in love after a 4 year time skip. Characters share some noticeable similarities (spoilers):

Baek Seung Yoo/Jo Yi Seo - Genius, Falls in Love First, Prioritizes love over career, Helps other lead in getting revenge, Wants Yoon Soo/Saero Yi to live happily, Confesses despite being heartbroken, Character Development
Ji Yoon Soo/Park Saero Yi - Tragic Event, Incriminated unfairly, Stubborn, Values People more than money or power, Follows the father's steps (math/opening a pub)
Ryu Dong Jae/Oh Soo Ah - Prioritizes career over love, Coward, Never stood beside Ji Yoon Soo's/Park Saero Yi's side during difficult times, Condescending towards Seung Yoo/Yi Seo, Joins the enemy, Exposes Corruption
Sung Ye Rin/Jang Geun Soo & Jang Geun Won - Has a crush on Seung Yoo/Yi Seo, Turns Evil to get what she/he wants & Influenced by principal/chairman and surroundings, Main Responsible for Ji Yoon Su's/Park Saero Yi's tragic event, feels no remorse, dumb and impulsive
Noh Jung Ah/Jang Dae Hee- Main Antagonist, Values money or power over people, Incriminates Ji Yoon Su/Park Saero Yi to protect Ye Rin/Geun Won. Does not have a good relationship with her/his family
Recomendado por _o___o_
It released the same year.. and shows a group of youths fighting to take down a corporation and make it in the food industry. Similarities are that both are youth dramas, focussed on friendship and support and are about achieving dreams or goals.
Recomendado por Edgar Pordwed
The show is a reunion of 3 dramas (Love in the Moonlight, Itaewon Class, and The Sound of Magic). So in case you watched Youth MT because of a drama other than Itaewon Class, you should give this inspiring drama a try. :)
Recomendado por mingkyboop
* Park Seo Joon lead's both series.
* Slice of life type drama that shows the leads fighting against themselves and external factors in achieving their dreams against all odds
*Slow burn romance that takes time to develop from friendship to something more
*Revenge plot that takes years to resolve

Itaewon is definitely a more mature, darker drama, but I loved both series and could see the similarities as listed above.
Recomendado por Naomi Necro
Both have a lot of the same concepts dealing with a big business run by a powerful family. This of course entails love, soul searching, fight for power, family drama, etc. and don’t forget - twists and turns throughout the series!
Recomendado por BL4Ever
Izumi Hidaka is 36-years-old and the CEO of start-up game company Pegasus Ink. Four years ago, she developed the game Love My Pegasus, which was targeted towards women and became very popular. Since then, she has been obsessed with the character Kento-sama from Love My Pegasus. One evening, Wataru Igarashi suddenly appears in front of drunken Izumi Hidaka. She is shocked by Wataru Igarashi’s appearance, which is just like her game character Kento-sama. Wataru Igarashi is a 23-years-old man. But, Izumi Hidaka is disappointed with Wataru Igarashi. Except for his physical appearance, Wataru Igarashi is the opposite of her well-mannered, cultured, and vivacious game character Kento-sama.
Recomendado por 73n5h1k015h173
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