If you like this, then you might like season 3 of RUN BTS (The episodes before the break before season 4) where they, as always play games and have fun.
Recomendado por ongaku
Season 3 is the continuation of season 2, I just thought I should put it as a recommendation so that anyone can easily find it.
Recomendado por Maria Rodriguez
They do basically the same thing, where they play games and try to win prizes or avoid punishment. This is just the BTS version.
Recomendado por Kiersten
Since the 2nd season was on the recommendations I felt it was needed for the 1st one to be there too
Recomendado por Staccie
its a reality show with a lot of fun games , high class comedy and pure wholesomeness
even though 13 people together might sound a bit overwhelming, you'll see that they have an amazing chemistry that hits off perfectly! as you watch it you'll find yourself forgetting all the troubles and laughing along with them.
Recomendado por soll__
Run BTS! Season 3 (2019) poster



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