Class of Lies is also about getting justice. Although the genre is a bit different, I found similarities.
-In My Strange Hero, a 27 year old man goes back to high school to finish his education and they fight for justice in the school system. This show is more of a melodrama and school genre.
- In Class of Lies, a lawyer is fired for defending his client, who is suspected of being a murderer. So the lawyer goes to the school in which the crime suspect was, and pretends to be a teacher, so that he can bring justice and find out who the real murderer is. This show is a murder, suspense, school thriller show.
Both shows have the common theme of bringing justice.
Recomendado por Minnieee
Both stories are about taking revange and stading against school bullying. Both have a lot of good romance and mysteries. Flashbacks play important role. Both famale lead wanted to become a teacher and by doing so change the school for better. Both were grown up in poor families and had to struggle a lot in life. The son of the school's headmaster is the second lead. There are Olympic Games or Asian Games mentioned.
Recomendado por Cassandra89
Revenge drama that is set in a school setting was pretty rare, since usually dramas set in schools covered the life of students and teachers and whatever in between. As much as the two dramas' plot weren't really the same, the two did share few things in common. In Who Are You, Eunbyeol had switched herself with her twin in order to protect Eunbi. In My Strange Hero, Boksu had gone back to school to take revenge on the people who wronged him. While the starting point were different, the plot later on took on a similar paths. In which the moment Eunbyeol found out that Eunbi's bully tried to harm her twin again, she set out to teach the bullies a lesson. Similarly, as Boksu started to reconcile with his first love and got used to his new classmates, he started to find out about all of the dark secrets in his old school and set out to rectify the problem. Ultimately, for both dramas, both Eunbyeol and Boksu set out to take revenge on the people who hurt them and in doing so, change their schools for the better. While also in between that they had to deal with their own matters of the heart.
Recomendado por Izzu162
Both drama focuses on bullying in school. The main character has a sense of justice and uses violence to solve problems.
Recomendado por hammythehamster
- similar vibe
- teacher - student relationship (though in MSH they are the same age)
- strong female lead
Recomendado por Domi
Even though they have different genres; both are about students in school who are trying to get revenges.
And we have a weak hero in both drama.
Recomendado por Andro
- A passionate teacher support and helps her students who were given up by everyone and considered to be "without a future".
- Strong female lead.
Recomendado por Misa
Firstly, MSH is totally different in genre, theme and plot.
But both dramas revolve around school, its students and staff. Both deal with issues in school and how the leads solve them.
Recomendado por TheMaskedWarrior
Both are school drama......
Both story contain return to school.......
Both drama have sad scene.......
Recomendado por snehakooki
- Both ML and FL became friends in School but part in bad note and again meet after years
- FL is an achiever in school but ends struggling in life
- ML has personal issues to resolve whereas FL has issues in dating
- FL is initially a loner in school
- ML is a lot better in MSH; in MTF ML keeps friendzoning
- In MTF they didn't date in school
Recomendado por TheMaskedWarrior
Lots of similar tropes and plot points. Both dramas have an adult attending high school, both dramas include an engaging mystery, and more, just very lazy to name them all.
Recomendado por sunshine
Both dramas are about corruption in the school system and the inequality that this causes between students.
My Strange Hero is much more romance centered than Solomon's Perjury which only has a very minor romance in it, and I mean really minor.
Recomendado por Shapur II
Both dramas give me similar vibes, as they are about corrupted schools where the students have to deal with unfair treatment and discrimination because of their status. Just like in School 2017, there are a couple of teachers in My Strange Hero that are willing to help, fight and stand up for their students against the unfairness.
Recomendado por Ineta
In this drama the male lead return to school after 10 years and try to fight the education system and way the students are being discriminated on the basis of marks
Recomendado por Sam
they both fighting are against school corruption. Their first meeting ended in tragedy and finally got together meeting as adults. One of the main leads is jailed in both dramas.
Recomendado por Anna Rose
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