same sort of feel. the cursed is more to do with curing people to destroy evil where as preist is more to do with exorcisms and possesion
Recomendado por Melanie Sives
Similiar to The Cursed as it deals with evil spirits. Priest is a story about doctors and exorcists protecting people together at a Catholic hospital in Seoul.

Recomendado por My Liberation Notes
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural
Tags: Spirit Possession, Occult, Folklore, Spirit, Student Female Lead, Winter Setting, Ghost Supporting Character, Professor Male Lead, Detective Supporting Character, Detective Male Lead
Recomendado por PlutoBlack
In my opinion, both drama have similar story line and genre as both deal with demonic character. Well i don't know how to explain exactly.
Recomendado por Tiha Lynx
the plot sounds a little similar at some point
Three or more Main leads
Different ways but same purpose
Similar Exceution (Only difference is in Grid Police / Priest (Doctor,Priest,Police) were there for their exorcisms)
But still it's a watchable Drama
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
They both deal about possession and evil spirits and the fight against them. They both have the exact same feeling.
Recomendado por BeaNeath
Demonic possession, exorcism, personal sacrifice for the greater good. "Priest" has the additional element of a "Leverage" (a U.S. series)-type, undercover/secret team.
Recomendado por Tsulaa
Demonic possession, exorcism, main character(s) a bit of a rebel/outcast, traumatic past. "Priest" offers the added element of a "Leverage"-type (U.S. series), secret group of experts working behind the scenes bucking the system.
Recomendado por Tsulaa
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