Both stories unravel after a murder has occurred, already pointing fingers to obvious characters, the characters tell the story about how they met the women who were murdered at the beginning, both have similar plots such as an affair due to their child’s learning and different assumptions of who the killer is, the suspense leaves you craving to know more
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Mothers rivalry, High class society, Female centered plot, Murder, Greed, Lying, Mystery
Recomendado por ROR
Both involve affairs and a missing child

Both have issues between the married couple and one being unfaithful

Both have other individuals helping the leads

Both in the crime/mystery/ thriller genre

Secret Mother doesn't have communication between past and future
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Both series focuses on a group of mothers and their children’s education.
Both series features mothers with a secret.
Both have a mystery/ crime event.

Secret Mother is more about the FL finding her sister.
GMC is more about motherhood and how the characters grow in their journeys as a parent & dealing with their ‘secrets’.
Recomendado por hyeristorm
SKY Castle and Secret Mother both have parents who entrust their child's academics to a "coach" who has a mysterious side to them. Both shows' coaches are working for the families with hidden agendas. The shows both also have mothers that would do anything for their child. One of the biggest differences, though, (other than the intentions behind each coach) is that Secret Mother focuses more on one family rather than multiple ones like SKY Castle.
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In both, female leads come from Canada to Korea to uncover a mystery involving their sisters. Achiara is a much darker show than Secret Mother.
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- both dramas revolve around children in some sort of way
- both female leads suffer from trauma from what happened from the death of a child. causing their lives and jobs to turn upside down
- the female lead is perceived as 'crazy' or mentally ill by other characters
Recomendado por misu
Beginning is very similar. Also both involve ahjummas uncovering mysteries and secrets involving their families. Mistress is a much darker show btw.
Recomendado por Choi Yoon is my life
both of them have the mysterious woman who comes into their lives as a tutor while harboring ulterior motives. and both of them start with murder, or did they? xD
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