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Dez 31, 2017
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I used to be a Hey Say Jump fan when I was younger... about 8 years ago or so. Sometimes, I get curious about bands that I use to obsess over and occasionally check them out. When I found this show on YouTube, I was curious. Then, I saw how handsome some of them became!.... and saw how interesting and funny this show is! The premise of the show is that viewers (or the staff) have the members investigate odd things/problems/anything interesting.
The guys are definitely funny, especially Yaotome Hikaru. I like them in variety shows, but I think they are most interesting/funny/natural when they're altogether like this. They look like they're good friends and get along well with each other ? (I've become a JUMP fan again after watching this, but I don't listen to their music. I just watch their shows XD)

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