Both of the stories are about robot. Like the lead role of are you human too, lead actor of I am not a robot belongs to rich family
Recomendado por Tmahi
lead man whom suffered an strange allergie can't touch anyone, so spend a lot in a female robot for companion, but for an incident in laboratory the robot was ruined making the lab chief to send the model girl to personate the robot.
Recomendado por lissablu
- Human pretending to be AI
- The main character fall in love with AI (romantic stories)
- Other IT company tries to steal the newest technology
- Reset as erasing AI personality
Recomendado por Cassandra89
Is no one gonna mention the fact that they both have a vacuum they're obsessed with. Sorry, I had to lol
Recomendado por The girl
In Coffee Prince, the male lead helplessly falls in love with the female lead despite thinking she's a guy. Conflicting feelings ensue and it makes us love him even more. In I'm not a robot, the male lead helplessly falls in love with the female lead despite knowing her as a robot and faces a similar dilemma.
Recomendado por palak
Both shows on the surface seem to be fluffy sweet romantic comedies, but they both also carry much deeper meaning and life lessons. Both male leads become anti social due to childhood traumas that manifest into mental disorders. Both female leads help them to slowly open up and learn to join the world and socialize again. Both shows involve a bunch of lovable hodgepodge group of people who come together to form a family for the main leads who are orphans and alone in the world. Both shows will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy and glad you watched and stuck with both bunches of lovable characters.
Recomendado por DLKDramaFan
Both dramas have a theme about romance with a robot.
Both dramas have a heartwarming story, but Q10 has shorter eps and the robot is more genuine.
Both also show the growth of the male lead into a better person.
However, I'm not a robot is more like a fluffy cute romance whereas Q10 touch about strong friendship and bonds.
Recomendado por Dandelion
Both of the main male leads have health problems, to be exact, they can't communicate with other people properly. And the lead actress comes in to save the lonely prince with love and genuine feelings.
Recomendado por hardpliers
- ML has a sickness that prevents him from having relationships;
- FL accidentally gets into ML's life;
- FL cures ML's disease with love
Recomendado por Linh Le
Love story between human and robot, but different story. Both of dramas are beautiful, sad and funny in the same time.
Recomendado por pillolina
Basically both talk about the same theme android female and scientific technology. Excellent narrative and a very good novel love history.
Recomendado por Senpai
Same theme of having robots in the drama.
Revolves around the comedy romance genre as well.
Robot involves the life of the main lead and helps make decisions in life.
Recomendado por MG Mayre
Both male lead hates/fears human. And people are intruding in their home and change their values and habits. Although one is supernatural and the other is sci-fi, the vibe is similar.
Recomendado por gabbiie6
Both dramas involve artificial intelligence/androids.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Both dramas have robots / robotic human hand in the story line. While, I'm not robot is more funny and quirky where stars land is more emotional. The female lead is played by the same actor in both dramas and have similar characteristics. The male lead in both dramas is intelligent, a perfectionist and introverted, who later gets along with people. In both dramas male lead has a secret to hide.
Recomendado por Dramaqueen
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