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Mai 5, 2017
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Since there is no review yet and I just watched this movie in cinema today, I want to share my experience. It was truly an intriguing and interesting piece.
The cinematography truly complemented the story of the movie. The shot showed how the actors were feeling and brought the issues more to life. E.g. the way the room was shot similar to the movie picture made the audience experience the tiny space and the music contributed effectively to this feeling.
The actor's performance was nuanced and fitted the characters, especially main actors Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang. Their acting felt real and you could see the struggle the characters had.
The story itself was told in a good way, only sometimes I wished the story would have spend more time on some characters and fleshed out their impact more.
Overall it was great movie experience and it also offered insight to some issues Hong Kong is facing nowadys, which is also interesting for foreigners like me.

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Jun 16, 2021
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Social Issues and Bipolar

This is a gem. A low-budget first featured film shot within two weeks, talking about bipolar and dementia. It is somewhat like the The Father. It talks about not just living together in a tight spaced apartment in Hong Kong, it also showed how cruel and unjust the outside world is, beyond the apartment walls. It tackles important social issues, in Hong Kong. It not only discusses medical care, mental illness and housing issues, but also highlights the irony and conspicuousness of indifference and alienation in this sweltering and crowded city.

Even at the wedding event, how many of you really put your heart to congratulate and listen to the groom and bride speech? Or you are just there to mingle and get free meals? It shows lots of realistic feelings that majorities won't feel about. Sometimes people just needs to be slap and woken up. Just because one discharged from a mental hospital doesn't mean the person is labelled crazy, to be look down upon.

Some people may feel scared because the drama is too real. But also because of this, whether it is emotions, family, or love, there are always places that touch the audience and resonate with them. Many people will ask us if we have problems with our family or mental state, so we write such stories. People would expect that you must be such a person to care about such things, but it is not the case. Just like many people support the equal rights of comrades, they are not necessarily comrades, but we believe that this world is better. This is a value. If we all speak for ourselves, we can’t unite, and sports it will not be a big deal. More important Yes, have we thought about what kind of city, what kind of world, and what kind of life we ​​want.

This has won two 53th Golden Horse Awards; Best Director and Best Supporting Actress.



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Mai 21, 2021
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Depressing yet brilliant but really, really boring

This movie is a really feel bad, loose hope for society kind of movie. Yet is extremely depressing not only is the subject depressing but also the atmosphere the colors, the plot everything is just so very very sad and will actually make you mad.

This movie shows several aspects to breaking down individuals with mental illness through lack of help, lack of understanding and having to deal with some pretty strong prejudges facing society and loved ones. It is truly painful to watch yet has some dark humor that made me laugh between the oooh so depressing scenes. Showing both the the lack of support from institutions, difficulties in finding work and being pointed out as a psycho who is dangerous by more or less everyone around him. Having people afraid of him warning their children to stay away from him. In all this the voice of reason comes from a kid who thinks we should change the surroundings instead of the person, I truly loved that kid.

The entertainment value of this drama is probably worth one star or two at most since it is truly boring 90% of the time, But the dark humor, the message, the acting the lack of sugarcoating and the way this is done is worth 10 stars so I settled on 8. But be were you are in for some truly boring scenens and probably this years (ok 2017s) feel bad movie of the year with a dash of madness... Its a mad world and damn that world will make you mad.

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