both male and female leads fell in love the first time they met in the female leads kingdom but then lost their memories of each other. the second time they met they were in the male leads kingdom and is betrothed to one another but male lead already had someone he likes but eventually falls for the female lead.

both female leads do whatever they want, wild, brave and lovable. both male leads are very scheming.

but I would def recommend Untouchable Lovers if you like Good Bye My Princess and because since it's not completed yet and you want to watch something like GBMP you should watch UL since it is completed!

Recomendado por soniakn1998
These two have similar vibes in terms of tragic love story and a couple stuck in politics and war. All the settings, beautiful and colorful cinematography, talented casts make even better. If you loved Goodbye My Princess, you will also love One and Only.
Recomendado por Clara_yui
The couples are brought together by both fate and a political marriage. Our princes struggle to balance their treacherous positions with the love of their lives. They mask their true love, thinking that they're protecting their significant other, but unintentionally wind up hurting her. Deeply scarred by this love, our female leads turn to the powers of the River of Oblivion to put the past behind them. The stories pick up again some time after a heart-wrenching romance already began and follow them through as fate brings them back together in a world that threatens to pull them apart.

The romance that centers these dramas have some similarities, but the stories themselves are very different! The cast, production and soundtrack are all stunning. Both dramas are worth watching!
Recomendado por liteulkwin
- Both ML act cold towards FL but actually loves them deeply
- Both ML and FL are princes/princess (though the ML in the wolf isnt bio son of emperor and the FL is bio daughter of princess of previous dynasty)
- In both dramas, the FL and ML love each other in beginning but are separated and reunites , but ultimately cannot have happy ending together.
- Both FL die in the end
Recomendado por Lottie kui
These dramas are historical romances with great cast. In both dramas ML is obsessed with FL and jealous because of SFL. FL in these dramas have similar personalities. SFL in both dramas is kind and protective but makes bad decisions that hurt FL. Both dramas revolve around power struggles and the plot takes place mainly in palace. Ending of Scarlet Heart Ryeo is similar to ending of Good Bye My Princess.
Recomendado por Dramalover203
Both dramas have a FL who elopes with her lover immediately after learning that she has an arranged marriage with the crown prince. Their forced separation breaks her heart and leaves her devastated on her wedding day. She eventually falls in love with her husband despite hating him at first.
Recomendado por kookiejamz
Both feature marriage alliances between countries that require the princess (FL) to leave her homeland and marry afar. Both FLs are strong characters and experience heartbreak and betrayal as the plot progresses. Both share an ominous air of upcoming tragedy......
Recomendado por wifey
-In Born Again, the leads become reborn and don't remember their previous lives until later in the show. In Goodbye My Princess, the leads meet but then lose their memories of each other, meet again, and then regain those memories towards the end of the show.
-Due to memory loss/being reborn, the female lead forgets that she hates the male lead (for very justifiable reasons)
-a semi-evil male lead who makes decisions against the wishes of the female lead that end up getting her hurt (physically and/or emotionally). Kinda obsessed with revenge on their family. In Born Again the male lead is also a major creep and (unfortunately) sometimes his actions are portrayed as romantic. But both do majorly bad things that are (or at least, should be) pretty unforgivable.

For the record, I think Goodbye My Princess is way better, but it is also quite different in terms of genre and tone. The other recommendations listed are more similar to Born Again.
Recomendado por kdramakitty
Exact same tropes:
- Prince do all sorts of unethical things to become crown prince
- Prince kills FL's whole family and lies to her
- Prince loves his throne more than FL
- FL commits suicide and life is reset
- Toxic second marriage, FL is constantly tormented and mistreated
Recomendado por kookiejamz
Fans of Ashes of Love are some of the strongest people to walk the earth, and that's why I know you're ready for Good Bye My Princess. Good Bye My Princess is the first drama to match the intensity that I felt for Ashes of Love. These dramas both tell the deep love story between two people who are bound by their ill-fated circumstances. If you're looking for a heart-wrenching tale, a love story you won't forget, complex characters both worth loving and worth hating, leads with actual chemistry, and haunting OSTs, then you've found the right place.
Recomendado por liteulkwin
Both the princess in the story try to seek revenge for their lost family. And falls in love with the protagonist who's smart at war strategies. Both the concept are similar to war, hatred and revenge
Recomendado por Aisha Nowshad
Both female leads eventually have to abide in an arranged marriage for political reasons or the general good of the nation. They both have strong female personalities that opposes to the usual 'damsel-in-distress' stereotype, but also have a lighthearted, youthful side to them. Both male leads are skilled fighters and are born into royalty. For different reasons, they aren't able to recall their memories.

However, GMP was a whole ride of emotions. YOu need tissues for this one. With TLH, I can see this being a sweet, butterflies-in-the-stomach, and squeals of joy kind of drama.

Hope I didn't spoil anything.
Recomendado por skybaby
The plot is similar. The development of the story is more or less similar. If you like Goodbye My Princess, you may also like The King's Woman.
Recomendado por lotus12341
Both ML have the same goal to be the King. Both ML love FL but want more power. Both ML possessive toward FL . Both tragedy. Both ML really smart, cunning ambitious and violence. Both ML killed FL lovers
Recomendado por WatchingFariyRed
It is a costume detective suspense romance drama, set in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, telling the story of the beautiful man County Ling Panyue and the terrorist servant Yang Caiwei in the process of solving a strange case, from mutual disgust to mutual love and love.
Recomendado por eliteles1
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