- both about child neglect and abuse.
- both to do with motherhood and childhood
- also both are psychological
Recomendado por misu
Miss Baek is pretty much a shorter version of Mother. If you liked Mother, you'll probably like this. If you like Miss Baek, you should definitely check out Mother because it goes more in-depth on this type of subject, and its a TV series instead of a movie.
Recomendado por Bakari
In both shows:
- The FL has self-esteem issues due to being abandoned as a child.
- The FLs are single parents.
- FLs are the targets of a serial killer.
- The ML are adorable.
- There is a heavy focus on motherhood and what it means.
- Have a strong support cast.
Recomendado por 3GGG
If you are interested in stories of powerful and protective moms, then Angry Mom might be a nice one to watch after Mother, although Angry Mom definitely has more obvious elements of romance, and focuses on different issues such as bullying, but plotlines related emotional abuse from parents also arise
Recomendado por Neonfun
Both are the same. The Korean drama is the remake of this drama. Both are amazingly done with great chemistry between the two leads.
Recomendado por Maya Amina
While these two may not both have the same plot (one is about time-travel and solving a mystery while the other is about the abuse and kidnapping of a child) they both share the overlaying theme of maternal love.
The love that these mothers had for their children is enough to make you cry.
Recomendado por areallyloudfangirl
- both about child neglect and abuse

- both have great child performance

- both FL are not parents
Recomendado por haby28
Both have the seemingly cold female character and the neglected kid
Both female leads turn out to be caring and they build a "motherly/aunty" bond with the kid who adores and looks up to them
Recomendado por XingBack
Both series have birth mothers who are bad to their child, leading another woman to start caring for the child. However, the birth mothers stay in the picture and complicate the situation. Though the premise is similar, Mother is a lot darker and sometimes harder to watch. It includes physical child abuse, while Person Who Gives Happiness leans more towards child neglect/emotional abuse. Both shows will make you emotional as you watch. Person Who Gives Happiness is a longer drama, but well worth it if you stick to it. Mother is much shorter, but packs a lot into its few episodes.
Recomendado por ananna
Both show the relationships between parent and child

Both will make you cry your eyes out

Both have an absolutely superb child actress
Recomendado por ClassyApples
-Both leads of the shows find kinship in one another

-Both are soul-mate find type of dramas

-Main characters are bound by tragedy and are surrounded by a group of people who uplift and look out for their well being

-Human bound stories about the impact of caring out for someone and being a noble person

-Both have these heart tugging moments that just make you touched emotionally but also a tearjerker.
Recomendado por howyoulikethat
Both dramas have strong female leads who have an emotional back story which leads their decisions of creating a fake mother relationship
Recomendado por misu
It has a similar vibe in regards to an adult noticing a child being abused by her mother and wanting to keep that child safe.

In MFN the ML ends up searching for her after she gets kidnapped. In Mother, the FL kidnaps the child (her student) to keep her safe from a child serial killer who's dating the child's mother.

In both shows the ML and FL put everything they have on the line to get to the child.
Recomendado por 3GGG
The story of a mother who would do anything for her child. Both of these moms meet their children after around a decade of separation.
Recomendado por areallyloudfangirl
This drama is also a remake of the same Japanese drama so the plotline should be pretty similar. The premise of both is about a teacher who takes one of her students away from an abusive household.
Recomendado por Pliuzz
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