Cidade do Tempo Episode 37

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Fev 21, 2024

Zhang Zhehan and Park Minyoung's enjoyable romantic comedy

Without going into spoilers, I really enjoyed Castle in the Time.The most important thing to know before watching is that the main genre is comedy. As in, laugh-out-loud, tears streaming down your face comedy. And the comedy is where this drama really shines.Zhang Zhehan's dramatic and ridiculously self-obsessed Gu Chijun made me laugh at his antics at least once an episode, while Park Minyoung's Xu Zhen as his more serious counterpart got me rooting for their innocent romance. As it is an older drama, it was also nostalgic to get to watch younger versions of two highly talented artists in these roles.Most of the secondary actors also did a great job, though I found some of the villains' more serious scenes a little stiff. This was especially noticeable towards the end, when these characters were given more screentime to solve their side of the plot. Outside of those parts, however, I felt that all the characters had good chemistry in their interactions and that all of the actors fit their roles well.Regarding the plot in general, realism isn't its strongest suit, but it also isn't meant to be. This is a drama that (rightly) prioritizes enjoyability over other concerns.Something that I was positively surprised by, plot-wise, is everything was neatly tied up by the end. Every character's journey was followed steadily from start to end and nothing was forgotten. All in all, Castle in the Time was a fun watch, with a surprising amount of well-constructed, touching scenes spread throughout as well. It is the perfect drama to unwind to after a long day.And that very last scene crowned it all!

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