Both have similar vibes with the storyline of Ji Sung is trying to find justice for his lost lover/wife. Both are fantastic and if you like one you would like the other.
Recomendado por AmynaA
Both dramas have law and politics as main plot. Defendant is more drama because the case itself involved the prosecutor life; in Stranger, the prosecutor's family is not involved on the case, his life is not the main plot.
Both have a reliable and strong female lead. In Defendant is the lawyer and in Stranger is the Lieutenant.
Recomendado por userbmc
almost similair story Seo Jin Woo has the condition of hyperthymesia, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Jin Woo becomes a lawyer. He struggles to prove his father's innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s.
Recomendado por sinsan
These two have a lot in common: prosecutor/detective dramas w/ similar pacing, depth of plot, mystery, etc. One of the notable differences is that Stranger is about finding and catching the killer, while Defendant makes fairly clear who the villain is from early on (and thus can take time to develop a compelling villain character), but they have the same air of ruthless mystery and compelling characters that will make you want to binge the whole series in 2 days.
Recomendado por SerpentineJ
Mystery, Thriller, PLOT! A must watch if you are a fan of mystery/thriller genre. The main leads chemistry is off the charts, and story fits well with the environment.
Recomendado por colorbox
both are thrillers which kept me wanting to continue on to the next episode. Great casting and acting as well.
Recomendado por pao3719
Ji Sung in Defendant and Joon Gi in Two Weeks are both fugitives on the run, and they both are dads with a little girl. Both are amazing stories with a similar feel of dark mystery, action, and suspense.
Recomendado por Eunha
Both dramas include lawyers who solve a crime that is close to home. In Defendant the victims were his wife and daughter whilst in Whisper the assailant is his new bride and her lover (so he his less inclined at the beginning to solve it). In both dramas they have a female helping them solve the crime. Both have similar feeling to them as well.
Recomendado por AmynaA
Amnesia, tragic past. Intense. Thriller. Good watch. Survival. Crime coverage. Trauma. Memory. Past and present.
Recomendado por Chia6
8.5 W (2016)
Both have male protagonists that were framed for their family murders and were unjustly imprisoned. They both struggle to bring the truth to light.
Recomendado por Geanina
Both have a male protagonist chasing agains the perpetrator, who took his wife's life and turned his life uspide down. These protagonist have cool female sidekicks, which are professionalists of their field.
Recomendado por Loving_Roots
Both revolve around cases of men framed and wrongfully sentenced to prison for having killed their family members. Both have prosecutors protagonists trying to uncover the truth, fighting the rich and powerful chaebols behind the case.
Recomendado por Geanina
Both have male protagonists that are famous prosecutors who end up in prison. Both have top notch acting, intricate stories about crime, power, jealousy and revenge. The cast is amazing in both dramas.
Recomendado por Geanina
Both the dramas are about falsely accused lead.
Much story Happens in prison.

Though the defendant is much much longer one and main plot is focused about the lead. And Joshu seven is slightly different as all the 7 prisoners back story is told.
Recomendado por 7Adi20
Have very different storylines and themes, but both deal with aspects of prison life and the bonds between cellmates.
Recomendado por Britt
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