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Abr 17, 2017
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If you knew your love would someday kill the one you love, what would you do differently?

STORY: Two college guys who are very close friends come to love one another before tragedy strikes. This is a short BL story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy ending.

ACTING/CAST: The guy playing Paul is just super cute. They did a fine job acting.

MUSIC: Uh, no idea. Too busy watching.

REWATCH VALUE: Yes. Such a neat short story. I hope to share it with friends.

OVERALL: A neat story, kinda like The Butterfly Effect. Hope you got 30 minutes to spare, it's worth it.

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Cute Gnome
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Jul 16, 2018
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I would rather give my remarks regarding the story instead of narrating what happened because the synopsis gave you an idea already on what the story is all about. Well honestly I love the story. I was full of message or lessons. Let me give you at least one, "Life don't have a remote control where all you need to once you've did something unimaginable is to push the rewind button and the time will swiftly return to where you wanted it to be." So don;'t waste the every moment given to you. God is not that generous to give you multiple lives to leave. For me that was the greatest lesson of this film. Uhmmm it seems that I am on the mood to give additional lesson regarding the film so here is the other one, "Don't hesitate to voice out what you really feel because you didn't know maybe the feeling is mutual." I guess with those lesson you can already comprehend that this was a good film because for me one of the basis for a film to be good was the lesson the lesson/s that we can get from it. It was really a great movie.

Uhmmm this part for me was the biggest factor why I gave that 8/10 rating. The story was good but the acting skills was like ordinary to me. Nothing superb, sorry for that. I can see no chemistry as well. :-)

There's nothing remarkable if we talk about the music or the background music in this film.

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Fev 3, 2021
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What would you sacrifice for the one you love?

I absolutely loved this movie. It has a wonderful storyline, and the actors did a great job. They both played their parts very well, and are also super cute! It’s a short film, and I don’t want to give any spoilers... But I definitely recommend watching it. It was heart wrenching, and heart warming at the same time. It is such a beautiful story about love, and sacrifice. The ending was absolutely perfect. What would you sacrifice for the one you love? And would they sacrifice the same for you? It’s beautiful. Definitely a must watch!
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To You, For Me (2015) poster



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