In both films, the protagonist can see a ghost-boy and helps him solve a case
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Only certain people can see ghost or dead soul. Both Korean movie/drama has a main lead can see dead soul wondering around.
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The young police on one movie remind me of the other movie, perhaps it is the uniform. Both movies show the young policeman trying to crack the crime, facing fierce dangerous challenges. Lots of humors
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The death has unsettle business, souls still hanging around attempting to finish the mission. One is comedy the other one is love family suiting story. One has bromance the other one is romantic
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Both movies main leads are dead and second main lead was able to help the first main lead to fulfill his unfinished business. One about crime, the other has music genre, touch of romance
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Both has a main lead that can see ghost. They refused to help at first, the supernatural power that they have would put in a good use at the end
Recomendado por Chia6
The main leads on both movie were dead but spirit wonder around. Able to see everything but others couldn’t see him. Both has a beautiful lover, but had to let go of her ….
Recomendado por Chia6
They both have similar plots, with ghost seeing main characters, there is also a friendship which blooms in both of these stories.
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