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Ago 14, 2016
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I did expect nothing from this film. I manly wanted to watch it because of Luhan.... but he appereard at the nearly end. It was a funny movie tho.
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2 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Abr 6, 2016
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I'll start with my expectations - they were high. High because of Lu Han. But my expectations weren't met. It feels as if they wrote his name to promote the film since he was a 1-minute cameo who appeared like... literally in the last 1-2 minutes. Whoever is here because of him - don't take great pains to waste an hour and a half.

As for the film - it's not the most boring production and it is kind of educational for the male side of the world population LOL. It teaches you how to please women and make them happy although I don't think that's exactly the right way to do so. But it's entertaining to watch for sure. There were some very funny moments that almost made me spill my juice on my keyboard and I believe that's important because we're talking about a comedy after all. I'm really surprised that there aren't any other reviews than mine. The movie's not so bad if you want to watch something in order to relax.

Finally, need I remind you that you shouldn't watch it if you want to see Lu Han? His cut scene is on YouTube by the way.

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