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Set 26, 2019
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I didn't like the ending part ,what is that .the lead male was going to do crime as to take revenge but at the very end he realized the mistake and try to correct his mistake but he got the bad ending .i really didn't understand the direction of movie .Director can show the happy ending that he realised his mistake and appologise for it and in this way both the character have happy ending .
Firstly i didn't like the story ..because at starting part they got criminal ,everyone knew who is criminal so that's it .why they stretched the story till end just to show the revenge and who killed her mother and why that police man went to the jail .he just to save all as well as self protection he went to kill the criminal but her mother come in between and she got the bullet. ...i didn't like the story and direction but everyone did amazing acting .

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Nov 28, 2022
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The movie has no real value. The story feels like it started off with one thing in mind but then changed it halfway and didn't know what to do with it in the end. Which is kind of a shame cause the actors were good. There were a few scenes with really good acting but again, as the story had no real direction...those acting did nothing.

I won't really recommend watching this. But if you were really, really bored and it is the only thing that you have to watch then go for it. That is how I ended up watching this.
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