Both movies are about a girl disguising as a boy. Both movies are directed by Jingle Ma. Both movies are based on famous classic Chinese tales.
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Both are epic Chinese historical wuxia war movies. Both movies star Vicki Zhao as a kickass noble lady.......................
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Both FLs disguise as men and join the army, becoming a general. Both MLs discover the FL's gender when they accidentally see her taking a bath.
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Both productions have Chen Kun as male lead, accompanied by cross-dressing strong female lead. While one of them focuses more on fighting/action and the other one focuses on politics, they both showcase women who are good at their, seemingly male-only, job.
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Both have a strong FL who disguises herself as male and a military ML who learns her secret early on but hides it for her.
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I've read that the series were based on the 2009 film, it was daebak
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Both are telling the legendary story of Hua Mulan and how she went into the military in place of her father and became a great solider that sacrificed a lot for the safety of her homeland.
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Both films are about historical wars inspired by real events and old tales. They involve two great heroes – who by cunning and courage – saves their nation from hostile foreign forces. Willing to sacrifice themselves, they're selflessly fighting for what's important; to achieve lasting peace and to protect their country, and countrymen. The movie Mulan, though, have elements of romance and a stronger fokus on friendship.
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