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I'm a music geek who enjoys listening and analyzing OST's and BGM's in dramas and movies. 

Seriously though, if the music is good, the show is good (most of the time)

I enjoy listening to jazz, R&B, and classical music.

I also enjoy watching Thai dramas.

My favorite drama is Not Me, and my favorite ship is MilkLove!

My addiction to them is concerningly unhealthy lol

I prefer it when couples don't have your typical bottom/top relationship :)

About me!

My profile looks better in dark mode :)
Also, if you click on the photos/gifs, you can get more info about the actor/drama, or check out my favorite song from the artist!

Favorite Actors

View Benyapa
Perth Nakhun
Film Rachanun
Gun Attaphan

Favorite Shows

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through UsEnigma
Home School
Laws of Attraction

Shows I'm Planning On Watching

Spare Me Your Mercy
Spirit Reborn
Lost in the Woods

Favorite Ships

KhathaDome (not canon)InWangFaNamsine (not canon)


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