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I started watching Jdramas in 2016 and Cdramas in 2023. Going off the previous data I guess this means I'll start watching (and actually finish) Kdramas in 2030. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ  

 When I'm not working or watching dramas, I play video games. Mostly rpgs and otome games. I can understand and read some Japanese because my SIL is Japanese and my nieces are half.  
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my secret boyfriend Wu Leieveryone's fav vampire gege Zhang LingheChen Feiyu, crime, (b)romance, friendship, historical, Bakumatsu, Shinsengumi, body swap, do-overs, cross dressing, hand holding, believable angst, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, reserved or cold  ML falling passionately in love, tomboy FL, upright characters, anti-heroes, good characters turning bad, L&P couple together again in anything.
traumatised characters, flawed characters, characters that are straightforward about their feelings, characters that call others out on their bullsh1t, jealous (S)ML (up to a certain point), SML actually getting the girl, subverted expectations, narration from lead(s) (esp from their future self).
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no character development, costumes and wigs looking like bad cosplay, bad CGI, Matrix-style dodging bullets in normal setting, wires too obvious in fight scenes, dead fish kisses, grown @ss men and women not knowing what that pain in their chest means (no it's not a heart attack, but if they out here acting like they born yesterday it should be), detectives saying that a suicide is actually a homicide, sudden accident causing amnesia.
sudden accident causing a coma but the lead recovers in time for the love confession (if this happens they should never wake up again), FL acting like baby, SML appearing out of nowhere to seduce FL in the last eps but doesn't even succeed (what's the point?), SML "giving" the FL to the ML because they are bros and it's time for the endgame couple to be together now, hello does the FL have any say??? no because she doesn't have enough agency to do anything but go along with (S)ML's whims so no need to even ask smh.
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I'm a very slow watcher (life gets in the way), finishing eps in instalments is becoming the norm. ;__; 
I rarely watch anything while it's airing. If I like a show a lot there is a chance I'll put it "forever" on hold (sometimes many months), because I don't want it to end. Other times I will binge a show in a week and do a complete re-watch of it immediately.
✧.* Rating System *.✧
Depends largely on mood, very subjective. Most of my list is unrated because when I first joined I never rated anything, I don't want to waste time re-watching it all just to rate it properly so I guess they will remain unrated for the rest of my life. ¯\(ツ)/¯
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will die and go to heaven if these two ever have another project together 
gifs by blakecholls dramaism 
I love scrolling through the MDL feed! My posts on feeds are mainly screen captures or gifs of dramas, moments I either find funny or want to remember. I am occasionally out there in the warzones comment sections too. If you send me a message/comment, expect a reply because none of my friends watch Asian dramas so I'm seriously starved for discussion lol. I'm practically skin and bones at this point help. xD
✨ If you've read this far, thanks~ maybe we can be friends
bye ♡


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