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Nightmare Land


Nightmare Land

Hey, I'm Jinxxa_Wolf.
Here's a little about me. Like many here on MDL, I’m a long time fan of Eastern entertainment and Asian Cinema, as well as C-Drama, K-Drama, J-Drama, T-Drama & TH-Drama, (but films / dramas from any country / region are welcomed) my favorite genre to date being probably historical fiction, with intense intelligent plots, flawed realistic characters, historical / cultural details, rich costumes & settings, political / societal power struggles, strategy / intrigue, complex worlds, martial arts, swordplay, fighting, revenge plots, war strategy, poetic/ artistic influence, etc. I also love thriller & suspense series, with heavy psychological themes, mystery, spy / espionage, alternate identities, etc.


Some side romance is good but I tend to stay away from romance being the main central theme and can't really get into the overly sweet & fluffy series. (Occassionally though, not heartless. <3) Every once in a while, I'll watch something fruity & mindless, but mostly I'm drawn to those tragic dreamy romances & dark twisted psychological series. Also,  I love my underdogs, villains, & anti-hero's as well. The dark side of the moon dramas. </3


As far as Cinema & Dramas go, I pretty much love historical fiction, crime, drama, mystery, suspense,  thriller, psychological, arthouse, horror, martial arts, slice-of-life, indie, sci-fi, medical, political, revenge, wuxia, tragedy, fantasy, mythology, etc. Not a big fan of idol, cooking, high school, sports, rom coms etc.  

"Be water, my friend." -- Bruce Lee

**New-ish kid on the MyDramaList block, but long time lover of Asian Dramas, Asian Cinema, International Films, Bollywood movies, Manga/Anime, Gaming,  & other eastern culture.**


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