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I first watched a kdrama back in 2012 because of an influence, and I was strangely drawn to everything about them. After few months, I completely stopped watching them, again, because of influence. But with the hope and confidence that I would return to them one day. And finally, during sometime in 2017, when I felt unsure about my life, my time, and myself, I came back by picking up then-ongoing dramas that I left uncompleted, and it felt like coming back home. Then, when I realized that there are too many dramas and I needed to organize them, I joined MDL.

We all know how hard it is to part with a drama. I used to use all of my willpower to leave the drama half-way through; exactly in the middle to be able to return to it later. (It felt like the breakup forced by dramas mother-in-law). That's why you'll see most of my watchlist on-hold. I did it for many  reasons. Now, this half-watching causes me serious concerns, and I'm trying to change this method, which was all I've done.

Peephole: a distant observer ☺️
Conservative.     A romance-only gal.
X Anti-spoilers X

When I’m not watching dramas, I like writing reviews, making recommendations, looking for good dramas, or posting what I enjoyed on the Feeds. I only write reviews  for dramas that I really like.


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