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Hierarchy korean drama review
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by Sistema
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Good series to pass the time, but empty.

I just watched it, and it feels like I spent about 7 hours watching NOTHING. I would prefer the series to have 16 episodes as usual and everything to be more developed.

I'm starting to understand why dramas don't have second seasons and don't end before the tenth episode.

My feeling is that they didn't have the courage to make this series. It had a promising start, the final hook of the first chapter was simply perfect. But something got lost along the way, and the series looked like one of those Nickelodeon programs for ten-year-olds.

What upset me most was the series' boring attempt to redeem the villain himself. Come on, bro, if you don't want this guy to be the villain, give the villain to another character! He was easily the stupidest in the entire series, but I got the feeling that I didn't watch some parts because out of nowhere FL kept saying over and over that her priority was protecting him??

That was another thing that upset me. FL and SML had no personality. In fact, their "personality" was both of them. SML only served to cry for FL and to beat the other characters. Fl only served to cry, defend SML for any reason even though he didn't deserve it, and stroke something in his ego with ML.

ML, in turn, forgot about his revenge for about 4~5 episodes. And at the end there was that post-credits scene, which didn't leave much to be understood.

What I think would be correct: FL understands that she is emotionally dependent on SML, and not in love with him. Understand that she likes ML. End.

I'm not even going to talk about the secondary characters, for me the killer was the worst possible choice. It was better to leave the mystery. It was as if they chose the least interesting character in the series to discard for the next season.

If next season, or part two, happens, I hope they reevaluate this season's lack of courage.
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