2018 Watchlist

The following movies listed are upcoming and/or already aired dramas I am interested in seeing. It is separated into Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese & Thai dramas & the movies will be ranked per country of how much I want to watch each. The list will be updated as I see trailers and/or when one of the dramas are completed & I read reviews. If there is a drama not on the list by the end of the year, it will be because it (1)  has already been watched (2) did not catch my interest or (3) did not have an ending I was satisfied with, especially sad ones. I am not a fan of sad endings without an appropriate reason & if you think a drama is good with a sad ending... you can leave a comment trying to convince me that the journey is worth the pain... usually I will only endure if my favorite actor/actress are in it.

Ms Superman Out 21, 2018
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