Ten Tigers of Guangdong

The Ten Tigers of Canton or Ten Tigers of Guangdong ( simplified: 广东十虎, traditional: 廣東十虎, pinyin: Guang Dong Shi Hu) refers to a group of ten Chinese martial artists from Guangdong Province lived around the 19th century during the Qing dynasty in China. They were said to be the greatest fighters in Guangdong during the Qing era. Much of their existence has been embellished by folk legends and stories passed down from generation to generation.

Ten Tigers of Guangdong include:

  1. Wong Yan Lam or Wang Yin Lin (王隐林; 王隱林)
  2. Wong Ching Ho or Huang Cheng Ke (黄澄可; 黃澄可)
  3. So Hak Fu or Su Hei Hu (苏黑虎; 蘇黑虎)
  4. Wong Kei Ying or Huang Qi Ying (黄麒英; 黃麒英)
  5. Lai Yan Chiu or Li Ren Chao (黎仁超)
  6. So Chan or Su Can (苏灿; 蘇燦)
  7. Leung Kwan or Liang Kun (梁坤)
  8. Chan Cheung Tai or Chen Chang Tai (陈长泰; 陳長泰)
  9. Tam Chai Kwan or Tan Ji Jun (谭济筠; 譚濟筠)
  10. Chau Tai or Zhou Tai (周泰)

Tiger after the Ten Tigers - Wong Fei Hung has his own list.

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