MIRROR and P1X3L together TV Shows and Dramas

mela90 Abr 13, 2023
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  • King Maker II

    1. King Maker II

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2019, 50 episodes

    [Competition, music show]


    Team A2: MIRROR's Keung To & P1X3L's Phoebus

    Team B1: MIRROR's Anson Lo & P1X3L's George

    Team C1: MIRROR's Jeremy Lee & P1X3L's Marco


    Team A: MIRROR's Keung To & P1X3L's Phoebus

    Team B: MIRROR's Anson Lo & Edan, P1X3L's George

    Team C: MIRROR's Jeremy Lee & Frankie, P1X3L's Marco

  • i.SWIM

    2. i.SWIM

    Hong Kong Drama - 2022, 10 episodes


    Class C: MIRROR's Edan, P1X3L's Phoebus & George

    Class A: MIRROR's Stanley & Alton, P1X3L's Marco

  • Sound Battle

    3. Sound Battle

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2022, 15 episodes

    [Game Show]

    EP11-15: P1X3L,  MIRROR's Tiger and Alton

  • Be On Game Season 2

    4. Be On Game Season 2

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2021, 17 episodes

    [Game Show]

    EP13: MIRROR's Stanley & P1X3L vs MIRROR's Edan 

  • Be on Game Season 3

    5. Be on Game Season 3

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2023, 13 episodes

    [Game Show]

    EP3: MIRROR's Edan vs P1X3L's George and Marco

  • Ossan's Love

    6. Ossan's Love

    Hong Kong Drama - 2021, 15 episodes


    EP9-10: MIRROR's Edan & Anson Lo, P1X3L's George

    EP14-15: MIRROR's Edan & Anson Lo,  P1X3L's Marco

  • Queen Maker

    7. Queen Maker

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2021, 36 episodes

    [Opening performance (final competition)]

    MIRROR's Keung To & P1X3L's Phoebus 

  • Youngster Show Time

    8. Youngster Show Time

    Hong Kong TV Show - 2021, 301 episodes

    [Talk Show]

    EP119: MIRROR's Alton, P1X3L's Phoebus and Marco

    EP124: MIRROR's Frankie, P1X3L's Phoebus and George

    EP138: MIRROR's Frankie, P1X3L's Phoebus

    EP153: MIRROR's Alton, P1X3L's George and Marco

    EP158: MIRROR's Tiger, P1X3L's Phoebus and George

    EP163: MIRROR's Tiger and Alton, P1X3L's Marco

  • Gwai Cin Coi

    9. Gwai Cin Coi

    Hong Kong Drama - 2022, 15 episodes


    EP1, 2, 4, 8, 14, 15

    MIRROR's Ian, P1X3L's Phoebus and Marco

    They are on the same basketball team