COLLECTION: Upcoming Thai Titles

These are some of the upcoming Thai titles that are rumored or confirmed. All dates are written in a Month/Day format. 

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A Note About Pilot Trailers:

They are just meant to stir up and investigate interest and sponsors. Even if the series gets made, it doesn't have to align with the pilot. 

A Note About Production:

After a title gets announced, it has to go through several stages of production: Discussion. Writing. Funding. Casting. Negotiations. Photoshoots/Promo. Filming. Editing. Review. Broadcast Licensing. Streaming Negotiations. Advertising. Scheduling. Etc. And some of these steps may have to get repeated several times as issues come to light. This also doesn't include considerations of common courtesy - such as not marketing two shows from the same main cast/studio at the same time. Or two shows of the same premise at the same time. If there is one thing a production company does not want to do, it's divide their viewership up into choosing, or create a scenario that causes excessive comparison, while airing. Note that the avg. drama watcher is a casual one. So please be mindful that some of these projects may take A WHILE to release.

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