Favorite actors

We all have different definitions of what makes an actor our favourite. Here's mine.

limaje Set 17, 2022
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  • Athichart Chumnanon


    My all time favourite. This gorgeous boy plays a great moody, edgy, bad boy with the heart of 

    gold type.

  • Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan


    Such a wonderful actor. His emotions are always spot on. Plus he's a hunk.

  • Weir Sukollawat Kanarot


    Another one who just acts so naturally and well. And has the looks and charisma to make you


  • Push Puttichai Kasetsin


    Always seems to play his roles with fun bubbling underneath. Not classically handsome in 

    my eyes but certainly attractive.

  • Sean Jindachot


    He has a quirkiness about him which is very endearing. 

  • Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak


    What a sweetie. Only seen him in Oops Mr. Superstar hit on me, but his character was

    very cute in that one.

  • Dome Pakorn Lum


    His looks make up for a slight lack of ability, but he's still great. Loved him in Sanaeha Sunya

    Khaen. Such a cruel character but he did well with it.

  • Aun Witaya Wasukraipaisarn


    A good looker who always plays his characters with gentleness. Even when they're supposed

    to be mean.

  • Luke Ishikawa Plowden


    Dear boy. Did a great job in Oh My Boss. He'll do well in the industry.

  • BigM Krittarit Butprom


    Hubba. Nice bod. And good acting too!

  • Xing Zhao Lin


    This youngster is a gifted actor. I'll never forget the scene in You are My Destiny where his

    wife is injured and they lose their baby. Him running in the rain, screaming in grief and pain,

    with her in his arms,  was incredible.

  • Ethan Juan


    Again, a great actor who plays convincingly and naturally.

  • Ji Chang Wook


    Great physical presence, cuteness combined with drop-dead gorgeous and a gifted actor.

  • Park Seo Joon


    Another one who excudes sexy charisma without being classically handsome. Just something

    undefinable, Great acting. He was my first favorite actor in my Asian drama journey.

  • Lin Yu Shen


    Another great actor with an understated charm.

  • Zhao Lu Si


    Who wouldn't like this bright, bubbly and pretty little thing!

  • Film Rattapoom Toekongsap


    Only ever seen him in strong ML roles where he is either bad or stupid or both but finally

    comes to his senses and repents and grows. A good actor with rugged looks and charm.

  • Porshe Saran Sirilak


    Displays some good emotion. Moves well. Charming with a bad boy edge.

  • Hawick Lau


    I've never seen him in a macho type role (the Thai's do a better job of that) but his portrayals 

    are sincere and deep. Also of course, a handsome boy.

  • Bai Hao Yan


    Probably not well known as yet but did a good job in Ex-Wife stop. A great on screen kisser!

  • Guo Jia Nan


    This youngster has chiseled good looks and talent.

  • Poh Natthawut Skidjai


    Energetic and naturally gifted actor with the looks and charm.

  • Zhang Ya Qin


    A pretty little thing who played a convincingly naive, innocently young character in Be With


  • Ji Xiao Bing


    Here's another one with that undefinable 'something' which makes him light up the screen.

  • Felix Xu


    Plays support roles very well. Makes a great SML best and reliable friend character. Did a 

    great job in Be With You.

  • Nok Chatchai Plengpanich


    A vetran who knows how to act and whose presence sizzles on the screen.

  • Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng


    Loved his role in Game Payabaht.

  • Knomjean Kulamas Sarasas


    I loved her character of Ji in Game Payabaht and then was shocked to learn to she plays the 

    character I most hate in Oh My Boss. This shows her versatility and acting skills. 

  • Wei Zhe Ming


    The perennial good guy with a strong and good character. Played in many support roles but

    has done a great job in the main romantic lead role in Perfect and Casual. Good to see he's

    now getting main lead roles.

  • Dan Worrawech Danuwong


    Multi talented singer actor producer screenwriter director. Gotta love someone with that 

    much talent. And those to-die-for dimples!

  • Oil Thana Suttikamol


    Loved him as the main lead in Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang 2009 version. He played the 

    role with a meaner edge than the more recent version.

  • Pinkploy Paparwadee Chansamorn


    Plays a very convincing and strong female lead in Khing Kor Aor Khor Kar Rang. Think she's a great actress for one so young.

  • Tong Savitree Samipak


    She plays some great roles. Often funny. Very believable acting.

  • Dream Kandanai Chuenhirun


    He really throws himself into the role. Great actor

  • Kem Hussawee Pakrapongpisan


    Only a youngster but he's got a lot of good looks, charisma and talent.

  • Chris Wang


    Very easy on the eyes, this one!

  • George Hu


    Eh what can I say? What a looker! And he acts well also.

  • Por Tridsadee Sahawong


    R.I.P.2016.  Makes me sad every time i think of it. He was a good actor. Such a shame.

  • Li Ze Qian


     Debut 2021 but he'll do well. With those good looks, he's bound to be a heart throb.

  • Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew


    Did a great job in the Thai version of You are My Destiny . He displayed emotion very well. You really felt that he was heartbroken, jealous, sad, and happy..

  • Yang Se Jong


    Such a sweetie who plays a very sweet and loving lead in 'Still 17'.

  • Roy Chiu


    What a cutie pie! His acting style is subtle but so effective in conveying all the right emotions.

  • So Ji Sub


    Dunno what it is about this one, but he's so attractive and such a bright flame on the screen.

  • Gong Hyo Jin


    In Pasta she was annoying because of her constant stuffing of her fingers to her mouth action, 

    but I've grown to appreciate her acting abilities in others such as The Master's Sun and When the Camelia blooms.

  • Patrick Lee


    This dude is honestly one of the funniest actors I've seen. Absolutely hilarious and his knack

    of inserting English and several other languages into his dialogue is so clever. Love him.

  • Zhong Xin Ling


    I just love actors who can do comedy naturally. This lady is hilarious!

  • Xu Kai Cheng


    Did a great job in Well Intended Love S1&2 where he plays a domineering, loveable rouge 

    with  a cute, impish smile. Such a handsome boy.

  • Riley Wang


    Gotta love those gorgeous dimples!

  • Son Yuke Songpaisan


    Such a cutie pie with good acting talent, not just a pretty face and body!

  • James Jirayu Tangsrisuk


    There's a special something about this young man. He's a great actor with a lot of charm. 

    Does a great job in historical pieces.

  • Om Akkaphan Namart


    Sigh. Just love this boy's looks and screen presence.

  • Ji Jin Hee


    Another very talented actor who makes you believe his character is very real.

  • Shen Hao Nan


    Very versatile in his roles. Can play the abusive scumbag and the gentle sweetheart with equal skill. And eye candy as well.