Some of the actors I admire are simply gorgeous or talented but rarely have both. Their good look doesn't mean they always have great dramas that I can't live without. Surely the actors that has more dramas I watch means I really appreciate the talent as they embody differential personalities of each character to make their individualism alive and stood out.  This is just my personal opinion about them, what drama I like most watching these guys in, and what personality I gathered I know from outside perspective. No facts neither knowing them personally, just opinions.

Xtinew Jun 20, 2021
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  • Xiao Zhan


    Joy of Life S1, Jade Dynasty

    Beautiful face, kind, sweet like an angel.

  • Mark Chao


    10 Miles of Peach Blossom (Eternal Love), the Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity,  Detective Dee series, Black and White.

    Great actor, intelligent, kind.

  • Wang Duo


    Bloody Romance, the Yin Yang Master: the dream of eternity

    Has soulful eyes (like he's been through hard life), great actor but not many collaboration.

  • Qu Chu Xiao


    Bloody Romance, the Yin Yang Master 2

    Great actor, manly, not too many dramas (he better hurry up before good scrips are taken)

  • Liu Yu Ning


    Long Ballad, all of his OST songs

    Outstanding singer. Still waiting for his acting to shine, need a good collaboration with other excellent actors and good script. 

  • Jung Hae In


    D*P S1 & S2, Something in the Rain

    He's looking like ordinary down to earth guy, sweetest, kind, a guy that I can date and going out with.

  • Leo Wu


    Love Like the Galaxy S1 & S2, Long Ballad

    Youthful charm, bright eyes and great smiles, full of life and vitality. Great actor.

  • Deng Wei


    Lost You Forever

    Promising actor, shy smiles, tall and great physic, quiet and calm. 

  • Zhang Ling He


    Story of Kunning Palace

    Promising actor, Manly, has sinister aura, intelligent, great stature.  

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