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just a list of shows that made me cry, listed alphabetically, with a comment on what part (if applicable) **not spoiler free**

femslashedtires Mar 14, 2024
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  • 609 Bedtime Story

    1. 609 Bedtime Story

    Thai Drama - 2022, 11 episodes


    Largely, this show wasn't that sad. But when Mum finally confessed his love and I realized that Dew, due to the crossing timelines, was heading towards a future where Mum loved him less and less everyday... reader, I *bawled.*

  • Até nos Encontrarmos Novamente: A Série

    2. Até nos Encontrarmos Novamente: A Série

    Thai Drama - 2019, 17 episodes


    I cried pretty much every other episode of this show, but the best cry was definitely when Dean met P'An for the first time. That scene forever holds a very special place in my heart.

  • Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu

    3. Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    This show found new ways to break my heart every episode, but what stands out the most to me is the night that they  stay in the cabin and make a fire outside. It is such a good turning point.

  • Minato Shouji Coin Laundry

    4. Minato Shouji Coin Laundry

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 12 episodes


    I was doing so, so good at not crying. And then Akira made himself cry on the beach and I Lost it. I just want to see that old man happy :(

  • Minato Shouji Coin Laundry Season 2

    5. Minato Shouji Coin Laundry Season 2

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    They got me again :( I was being very brave and strong until Shintaro said "You abandoned me."... Ok, that's a lie. They got me several times. But that was the most memorable.

  • Moonlight Chicken

    6. Moonlight Chicken

    Thai Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    Jim and Wen took me apart at the seams in pretty much every single scene. It was definitely a case of right show, right time, and the closing of the Moonlight Chicken was especially hard to watch.

  • Playboyy

    7. Playboyy

    Thai Drama - 2023, 14 episodes


    I know this show made me cry a number of times, but nothing holds a candle to Nont's monologue at his friends when he learns about Nant's suicide and wants to stop searching. Nothing.

  • TharnType 2

    8. TharnType 2

    Thai Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    Alright, this is a little embarrassing to be honest. But I absolutely did cry when Type became a monk and walked through his town, for once proud and happy to be the center of attention.

  • Um Conto de Mil Estrelas

    9. Um Conto de Mil Estrelas

    Thai Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    I was expecting this one to be more of a tearjerker than it actually was, but when Tian kept trying and failing to count the stars? Oh boy.