🎦 for cinephiles: MUBI's top 1000 films

highest rated films of all time on MUBI.  the list is compiled of 1000 films worldwide, and the total live action films from all MDL countries is just under 100.  they are ordered here by their ranking on MUBI when added then readjusted occasionally.  (anime at the end!) 

► some titles link to kanopy and/or hoopla, which are free streaming services with no ads accessible through participating public libraries and universities.  they have titles that can't be found elsewhere but there's a limit to "borrowing" (i've seen 4 titles per month for each service but ymmv).  this is meant to be a last resort because it's only free for the end user - the library is still being charged.  (film quarterly article about this) ◄ 

source:  The MUBI Top 1000  {that list is updated weekly, this list is updated periodically (last checked on 12-25-2023).  notes reflect ranking at some point in the past.} 

also see  ~  MUBI's top 50 films 1990-2023  |  IFF LGBT films  |  more of my custom lists 

cw: for warnings on anything you may find disturbing or offensive (depictions of queerphobias, discrimination, shaming, violence, or other triggering content), please check tags* on the title's page, user reviews, and/or Does the Dog Die (although not all titles are there).  [*click "Vote or add tags" to see all - but this will include spoilers.]

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