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21/06/16 - .I got to watched Takumi Kun Series.. & woahh.. it literally introduced me to the world of BL...! am certified BL fangirl - here are list of my ongoing / finished series for reference-- :)

Not included in the web

- SKAM Season 3-4 (Norweigian) basicall all SKAM adaptation

-Club Friday the Series Season 9 Club Friday the Series Season 2 -To be continued (**Choke**) 

-The Third Country (Thai) 

-Sex of Angels (2012) (El Sexo De los Angeles) Spanish Film 

-Lost In Paradise 2 

-Bangkok Love Story 2007

-Loev 2015

-The Falls 3 

-After Louie

-Against the Law

-Shed my Skin

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