Zhou Zhi Shu

Fictional Character

The former leader of The Window of Heaven and the former master of the Four Seasons Manor. Zhang Chengling's master, Qin Huaizhang's disciple.

He wants freedom to be able to wander around the world. When he became the master of the Four Seasons Manor after his master's death, he was only sixteen years old and did not have the capacity to lead the Four Seasons Manor. To protect them, he took eighty-one sect members with him to form Tian Chuang, The Window of Heaven under his royal cousin Helian Yi, the Crown Prince of Jin. While serving as the leader of Tian Chuang, he helped Helian Yi rise to power by assassinating key figures and concocting schemes and conspiracies to bring down his political rivals. One memorable scheme results in the deaths of many innocent people, including a little girl he and his friends were acquainted with. After the deaths of the rest of the eighty-one members, he becomes disillusioned and wants to regain his freedom, so he chooses to leave The Window of Heaven by using the technique of Seven Orifices and Three Autumns Nails on himself, leaving him with three years left to live. Taking on the alias of Zhou Xu, he meets Wen Kexing, who is subtly suggested to be his romantic companion.

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